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This is What Indians Have Googled the Most Since the First Day of Coronavirus Lockdown

Image credits: Reuters / ANI / DGP TELANGANA POLICE @TelanganaDGP.

Image credits: Reuters / ANI / DGP TELANGANA POLICE @TelanganaDGP.

Citizens of India haven't turned a blind eye to important personnel during the coronavirus lockdown.

India has been in a state of lockdown since March 25 as a preventive measure to break the chain of coronavirus spread in the nation.

With all the necessary steps taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and leaders of the state, India has recorded over 56,000 cases of persons affected by COVID-19. While nearly 1900 lives have lost the battle against the deadly infection to date.

Those who have been fortunate enough to not cross paths with the coronavirus are dealing with panic, anxiety, and depression which are the direct outcomes of staying indoors.

When will all of this get over?

Despite the chaos and restlessness surrounding the disease, Indians haven't forgotten one thing - to express their wholehearted gratitude towards the thousands of medical healthcare workers across India who are working day in and day out to treat corona affected patients. Sanitisation workers and cleaners who have put the country ahead of their health have, on several occasions, been showered with flowers and claps for their work in the fight against coronavirus. The police force who have been the frontline warriors of keeping citizens home while patrolling streets meticulously have played an invaluable role to keep the spread in check.

The work of these and many more countless essential workers and personnel has had been recognised by Indians, who have been googling away "coronavirus warriors" and "coronavirus helpers" stories since March 25 to perhaps stay hopeful by reading up positive news while fighting their own fight against the virus.

Their search results directly reflect on Google Trends, where when you type "coronavirus" in the search bar, you are presented with the top "related query" that reads: thank you coronavirus helpers.

Here's an extensive list of corona warriors who have kept India on its feet during the pandemic that you can read over the weekend.