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This Kerala Cop Let Go Of Her 'Rapunzel' Hair For Cancer Patients

File photo of Aparna Lavakumar.

File photo of Aparna Lavakumar.

Aparna, a senior civil police officer with the female police station in Irinjalakuda in Thrissur, has tonsured head to donate knee-length hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

Meera Manu
  • Last Updated: September 27, 2019, 9:51 AM IST
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Thiruvananthapuram: Senior civil police officer Aparna Lavakumar did what a lot may shudder even thinking of. She let go of her Rapunzel-like hair at the drop of a hat. She has no regrets though; all she wanted was to restore smiles on a few faces that battle the odds of cancer.

Aparna, a senior police officer at the all-women police station in Irinjalakuda in Thrissur, Kerala, got her head tonsured and donated her knee-length hair so it can be turned into wigs for cancer patients.

Three years ago, she donated her hair for the first time. But this time around, Aparna wanted to go all out and do the maximum. Aparna didn't tell anyone about her plans except for the authorities to get permission. “Had I told someone in advance, some deterrent might have occurred. So I walked straight into a salon. After all, I do not consider this a big deal. People do greater things than this. I am not in a position to help anyone financially. This is my bit to help the needy," Aparna told News18.

Recalling the moment she asked for permission at N. Vijayakumar, head of Thrissur rural district police, Aparna said, “He asked me whether I was keen on letting go all of it. I was not bothered. My hair will regrow."

Despite awareness campaigns on cancer and its effects, Aparna observes, it is hard to make an impact on children. “The cancer affected children are taunted or mocked at as they go to school after losing hair from chemotherapy. Any deed to boost their confidence would help,” she said.

The cop donated her long tresses to Amala Cancer Research Centre in Thrissur.

Not just Aparna, her daughters Devika, M.Sc student and Gowri, a 10th grader, too, donated hair two years ago. Aparna’s cousin and a fellow female police officer was also inspired by her brave act.

Aparna joined police force 17-years-ago. “I landed here quite unexpectedly. Now I realise this is one of the best jobs to help the public in the best ever way. If I reincarnate, I would wish to be a police officer,” she signed off.

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