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Baked Bread? This Man Built an Entire Tesla in His Garage During Covid-19 Quarantine

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Last Updated: February 27, 2021, 09:07 IST

JerryRigEverything / YouTube.

JerryRigEverything / YouTube.

Popular YouTuber 'JerryRigEverything' recently shared a video on his channel which showed how one could perhaps build their own Tesla at home.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic for sure may have toppled the world order, but in between the testing period, it has also shown how human perseverance can overcome and achieve your goals. While the majority of the people spent the time scrolling through their laptops and mobile devices, others got to baking and other hobbies during the quarantine and lockdown period. In between all these, one person upped the ante by assembling a whole new electric supercar out of random components in his garage!

Over the course of the last decade, electric powertrain vehicles have become popular. They have gone from environmentally focused novelties to presently being offered across every automotive motorsport sector. The electric vehicles (EV) now come in two, three and four-wheel variants, which range from family wagons, vans, sedans, to pickups, commercial big rigs, and sportscars.

The achievement surfaced online when a tech reviewer shared a video about the DIY EV on his YouTube channel. The video hosting site user going by the name ‘JerryRigEverything’ shared a video on his channel which showed another user ‘Electric SuperCar’ showcase and talk about his new EV.

The just over 12-minute video starts with the maverick user/builder explaining about the car and the camera following them around the vehicle and the garage. At the first glance, the car looks like a test model of an F1 car with neat wiring, an exoskeleton chassis and body frame, racing bucket seats with seat belts and a hoard of other components spread across four-wheels.

Further in the video, he goes onto show how he re-modelled a motor from a wrecked Tesla car and an LG Chem battery packs. His car is powered by 12 battery modules, essentially six in each pack and he neatly stacked them in two packs that roughly dole out 400 volts of energy. He also mentioned that one of the most challenging bits was to source a ‘controller’ for the Tesla motor. The controller sends signals to the motor that kind of regulate it and tell how to run. At present, there are very few companies in the market that make one suited for Tesla. Surprisingly, even by using random components, the EV contraption weighs much lighter than an actual Tesla! The batteries make up the bulk of the weight, while the frame and other parts don’t weight much.

The duo proceeds to discuss and show other components used to build the EV. However, the best part of the video is at the end. They roll out the EV to test it for real and it doesn’t disappoint. They drive around an undisclosed neighbourhood and then get into a parking lot to test it further.

The electric supercar was impressive as it could accelerate 0-60 in just 2.3 seconds. However, the DIY unit is not road ready yet. There are several features like traction control, without it the car which can go beyond 60 mph easily and reach much higher speeds will be airborne in no time. The car is also without a windscreen, doors, windows and other basic features of a passenger car.

After a brief test outdoors, the video shifts back to the garage interiors where it shows a yet to be finished outer panel/body of the EV. The fibreglass moulded unit looks pretty impressive too with few details akin to a supercar.

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