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This Man's One-to-one Conversation with Spiderman Has an Important Message on Covid-19

Image for Representation. Credits: Twitter

Image for Representation. Credits: Twitter

The hilarious video of a man talking to a spiderman went viral and almost gathered more than 3000 views.

Ever since the pandemic gripped the country, cops have been using the social media handles to create awareness on precautions and other things related to Covid-19 infection. In one such instance, Kolkata Police shared a hilarious yet important video on Covid-19 with the aim to urge people to stay home to control the spread of the virus. In the video, a man can be seen having a conversation with another person dressed as Spiderman.

The clip has been shared by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central Kolkata on Twitter.

In the video, the man asks Spiderman as to why he is using the lift instead of web-shooters. To this, the superhero replies by saying that lockdown is going on. If I go out the police will thrash me. Further in the conversation, the man says that he will only get beaten up once he is caught, to which Spiderman says that the police use a slingshot to hit.

The video, which is funny along with having an important message, has been much liked by the netizens.

People have not only lauded the message part of the video but have also appreciated
the way in which humor has been used in it.

A person who was quite impressed by the video said, “Super Hilarious fun-filled sensible message to people”.

Another person tweeted appreciating the efforts of the Kolkata Police in these trying times. He said, “SALUTE to the efforts of Kolkata Police in the time of Corona!!”

Earlier also, the police department have shared hilarious post to give important message about the pandemic.