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This Monkey Can Wash Clothes Better Than You Ever Could

This Monkey Can Wash Clothes Better Than You Ever Could

A few days ago, a video of another monkey closing the tap after drinking water went viral.

A video showing a monkey hand-washing clothes exactly like humans has gone viral on social media.

The 36-second long video shared on Twitter by an Indian Forest Service officer shows the primate dipping some white clothes in a tub, and aggressively wringing and thrashing them on the roof of a shed.

A few people who can’t be seen in the video are heard laughing at over what the IFS officer aptly described as the monkey’s “contagious behaviour.”

The video, which has been viewed thousands of times, has drawn some hilarious comments. Many netizens also explained the reasons behind the monkey striking imitation of the way humans wash clothes.

Besides their striking resemblance to humans, monkeys are also known for imitating human behavior.

Recently, a monkey was seen closing a water tap after quenching its thirst in a video that went viral on social and left netizens amazed.

Earlier this week, The Hindu reported about a female grey langur who has been joining students of government primary school in Peapully, Andhra Pradesh, for “classes”.

While the students and the faculty were initially apprehensive about the langur’s presence, the primate became an “integral part” of the primary school within a few days.

In fact, the students had also given it a name, Lakshmi, according to the school’s headmaster.

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