This Mumbai Mother's Story of Unwavering Support and Acceptance For Her Gay Son Will Melt Your Heart

This Mumbai Mother's Story of Unwavering Support and Acceptance For Her Gay Son Will Melt Your Heart

A salute to mothers who support their children always.

Parth Sharma
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  • Last Updated: September 22, 2018, 5:58 PM IST
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When you're in 10th grade, you're asked whether you'll take science or commerce. When you finish college, you're asked, "Will you do MBA now?" When you hit 25, aunties start to knock on your door with prospective rishtas. And when you're married, you're asked about the 'good news'. It never really ends, does it?

In a recent Humans of Bombay post, a mother talks about the pressure of delivering 'good news' to her family after getting married. However, she knew that the good news for her would be conceiving twins and realised that "it’ll take twice as long for the so-called good news." However, her joy knew no bounds when the doctor told her that she was going to have twins.

Although she was absolutely speechless, making the doctor wonder if she had gone into shock, in that moment she knew that her children were special.

She describes them as 'polar opposites'. Her daughter was a tomboy and loved sports while her son loved arts and dance. She said that back at home they would even exchange their clothes. One would wear the other child's pant-shirt while the other would strut in a frock.

The woman, who worked as a beautician, often took her son to the parlour where he would imitate his mother's actions. She adds that by the age of 15, her son he knew almost as much as she did. But then people being people, could not stand a boy and his 'girly' behaviour, asked the woman to correct her son. But she too had decided that she would not let her kids be restricted by their gender.

So she did what she felt best -- she encouraged her son to follow his passion. Though he had trouble fitting in school, he always had his twin sister to protect him. The woman says that she never had to instruct her daughter about protecting her brother.

The woman further said that she is no one to "dictate my kids’ lives. It’s just my job as a parent to protect them."

Back when they were little, the woman made her kids sit down with her and told them that she would always protect them, and she said it again to her son when he came out to her. Obviously worried that his mother would be hurt with the news, he was surprised with his mother's support.

But, of course, this battle begins at home. The woman's husband is in the dark about their son's sexuality and when asked about the recent verdict which scrapped Section 377 the man said that it was a 'paap'.

But the woman is hopeful. She knows there will be tears but she will make sure that those are tears of acceptance.

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