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Bizarre Pair of Jeans With ‘Wet Spot’ That Looks Like You Couldn’t Find a Loo

Image Credits: Instagram/@wetpantsdenim

Image Credits: Instagram/@wetpantsdenim

A brand called 'Wet Pants Denim' designs jeans that naturally have a wet spot.

Social media is full of weird fashion trends. Every now and then, a bizarre trend goes viral for no reason at all. Whether KFC X Crocs Clogs, Moschino’s Baguette And Croissant Bag or Zara’s Arm Warmers, netizens have either loved or hated these weird trends, but have never ignored them. One such trend that can be found on social media is a pair of jeans that looks like someone took a leak in them. Yes, you heard that right. A brand called ‘Wet Pants Denim’ designs jeans that naturally have a wet spot that looks like the person wearing it has wet themselves.

On the website, the brand defines its jeans as, “Wet Pants Denim delivers the appearance of authentic urinary incontinence without the commonly experienced discomfort. Wet Look, Dry Feel."

Wet Pants Denim’s anonymous CEO told Mel Magazine, “Some folks have a fetish wherein they pee their pants because they like the way it looks. There’s an obvious downside to this, though, in that you’re inevitably wet for hours. I wanted to provide a solution to those underserved consumers, so that they no longer had to be wet, and could have a sustained ‘wet pants’ look as long as they please."


According to the company’s CEO, Instagram as an advertising platform has helped the brand to target a certain demographic. “I’ve been going for young adults in major cities with interests in fashion, online shopping and other similar interests. It’s been a good experiment, from a branding perspective, to see which garner the most active engagement, and we’re always learning," the CEO told Mel Magazine.

Netizens are very confused as to why this kind of product is out there in the first place. While some people on Reddit have expressed a desire to use the jeans, most Twitter users are amused and are not taking the product seriously.

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first published:May 28, 2021, 14:43 IST