This Pic of Satanic Leaf-Tailed Lizard Has Left Desis Scratching Their Heads. Can You Spot it?

Image tweeted by 
Ramesh Pandey IFS /

Image tweeted by Ramesh Pandey IFS / @rameshpandeyifs.

The photo was tweeted by IFS officer Ramesh Pandey which showed the lizard camouflaging as a dried leaf.

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We all have heard or seen reptiles such as lizards or chameleons that change their colour according to the surroundings. This is known as camouflage and is a natural safety mechanism in the animal kingdom.

The capability of animals to adapt to the surroundings is one of the wonders of nature. Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Ramesh Pandey has shared a similar image which has left netizens baffled.

The IFS officer posted a picture on social media of a lizard camouflaging as a dried leaf. "Spot the lizard...! Satanic leaf tailed lizard is native to rainforests of Madagascar. Its tail is like a leaf and it has capability to sit on a thin branch and blend in with the surroundings. Another good example of camouflaging in nature,(sic)" read the caption.

See, if you can spot the reptile here:

The image has left many netizens surprised at the beauty of nature. A user commented, "This is the best camouflage I've ever seen," while another mentioned, "Sir looks like armed forces sourced the camouflage concept from this lizard only. Excellent."

The IFS officer keeps sharing the beauty of nature and the environment through his profile. A few days ago, he shared a picture of rare green iguanas at Vizag.

"Green Iguanas hatched young ones for the first time at @vizagzoo_igzp during lockdown. From March 5th it took 90 days for the brood to hatch. These beautiful pictures were shared by @yesodabai_ifs. Kudos to the team involved in ex-situ conservation work at Vizag. @CZA_Delhi," he wrote.

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