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This Powerful Poem on Breastfeeding Rightly Calls Out Shamers

Image source: Facebook/Independent Films

Image source: Facebook/Independent Films


Despite being an absolute essential for children and given the sheer number of people born everyday, a very common thing, breastfeeding in public still has a kind of stigma around it. Mothers feeding their children are stared at, made to feel embarrassed about something that is as natural as anything ever can be, treated like second rate citizens in public places, and why?

Breastfeeding in public is often treated like an indecency and women are forced to move to washrooms just the feed their children. British Poet Hollie McNish wrote a beautiful and powerful poem about this stigma.

In her poem Embarrassed, McNish asks why breastfeeding in public is seen as something indecent when we live in society that sexualizes breasts all the time. She talks about how instead of offending our sensibilities at the mere sight of a nipple feeding a child, the child should be offended that he or she is being forced to feed in unhygienic conditions like that of a washroom. She comments on all the hypocrisies around it.

Independent Films created a beautiful video around her powerful words and it is something everyone should watch right now:

first published:August 12, 2016, 14:47 IST