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A Store in Canada Will Pay Rs 1720 an Hour to 'Candylogists' to Taste Candies

Image for representation

Image for representation

They will be hiring new staff who get to eat candy and be paid for it, for a whole year.

Were you a fan of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory growing up? Did you find yourself assessing and rating various candies like a jeweller assessing gems? Are you fond of everything sweet and chocolatey? Are you a good judge of character and can easily be a MasterChef judge when it comes to candies? Then there might be a job waiting for you in Canada! Candy Funhouse, an online candy store based in Canada, is looking for “Candyologists” for their company. The job alert has created quite a buzz on Twitter.

The candy distributor company recently posted some job openings on their website which caught a lot of attention from candy lovers all over the world. They will be hiring new staff who get to eat candy and be paid for it, for a whole year! According to their release, they are looking for two full-time employees and eight part-timers to act as candy testers.

On their career page, Candy Fun House posted, “Do you love CANDY and CHOCOLATE? Are you passionate about confectionary and exploring unreleased and existing products? If so, this might be the perfect position for you!” The full-time job is in-person so you have to live there and go to the store daily. It will pay $30 an hour (Canadian Dollars) which is around Rs 1720 an hour every day! The part-time position is remote and pays $26 an hour (around Rs 1490).

According to the job description, the candidate, if chosen, will be “integral” in selecting what candies would be a part of the Candy Funhouse branded candy line, a first of the line. The company is looking to curate ten original and new candies for their line. There are “100s of possible options” for the candidates to consider. They say that “confectionary is a science” for the company and the candidates should have enthusiasm and eagerness for the job.

“So not only will you get to taste candy all year long, you also get to brag to your friends that you helped create the Candy Funhouse line of candies,” said the offer. Interested people can apply till February 15, 2021. The eligibility for the job is to be “bold, ready to try new things and willing to give their honest opinions.” The job poster warns that the candidates must have a sweet tooth as they will be tasting and reviewing more than 3000 products already being carried by Candy Funhouse.

While the job opening is remote, just how remote it can be is unclear. If the company allows cross border applications, it might make a dream job for people across the world.

Many posted on Twitter that they have already applied for the job.

first published:January 25, 2021, 18:37 IST