This Thalassaemia Patient's 'Never Give Up' Attitude Will Inspire You For Life

(Photo: Facebook/Human of Bombay)

(Photo: Facebook/Human of Bombay)

His attitude towards life is worth saluting.

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  • Last Updated: August 3, 2016, 5:58 PM IST
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"Since the time I was a 3 months old, I have had to get my blood pumped every two weeks. That is the life of a thalassaemia major patient".

Even though life was tough, the blood disorder did not discourage this 20-year-old biotechnology student from Mumbai to live life king size.

According to a Facebook post on the verified page of Humans of Bombay, this biotechnology student came to terms with his disorder early in life. And as he grew up he didn't let the ailment take the better of him. Instead his courage and never-give-up attitude has been an inspiration for the people who have known him.

Initially he thought he wouldn't live beyond 16 years, but after he turned 17 he realised that life had something else in store for him.

"Growing up, I read every article I could find and came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t live more than 16 years. Every day was filled with fear, wondering if it was my last. Before I knew it, I turned 17 and realised that with the progress of medication my life could be extended as far as 30 years. It was like life was telling me, ‘you still have time, what are you doing with your life?’. Death eventually has to come to everyone so why was I scared? I just started living each day as if it were my last — I threw myself into adventure sports, climbed many peaks and even began working my summers at a travel company, taking children on treks," he wrote on the Humans of Bombay Facebook post.

Soon afterwards, he realised he wanted to do something in life for which he is remembered even after his death. He wanted to put a smile on people's faces. Give them a chance to live a life that they always desired to. That's when he came up with the idea of starting an NGO called The Wishing Factory.

He wanted to fulfil the wishes of patients who didn't have much time to live.

"I started an NGO called The Wishing Factory where we make the wishes of thalassaemia major and leukaemia patients come true with the help of corporates or just regular people with big hearts. I started off in Vadodara and now here I am in Bombay, trying to make more wishes come true as I attempt to get my degree in biotechnology," read the Facebook post.

So far, his NGO has fulfilled 101 wishes and there is no stopping him.

He has bigger goals. And that is to research and make advancement in finding a cure for Thalassaemia. "My bigger goal however is to research and study so that in the time I have left, I can at least make some progress on finding a cure. The way I look at it, at the age of 20 I can either sulk around about not having enough time, or make my time here, no matter how short it is worth living. So that’s what I’m doing; I'm making sure that each day counts for something and giving back as much as I possibly can”.

His attitude towards life is worth saluting and we hope he fulfils all his dreams.

You can read his entire post here:

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