This Tourist's Facebook Post About India Will Fill You With Pride

(Photo: Facebook/Humans of Bombay)

(Photo: Facebook/Humans of Bombay)


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'Atithi Devo Bhava', a Sanskrit word meaning guests are equivalent to God.

People in India have the highest regards for their guests and one of the most defining characteristics of the Indian culture is its hospitality. In fact, Indian hospitality is one of the key aspects that drives the Indian tourism sector.

Of course, there is a different side to the story as well where reports of autowallahs charging tourists high fares, foreigners having security issues have tarnished India's reputation as a warm host.

However, anyone who has ever visited India has also spoken about the warm welcome, comfortable stay, friendly people and the traditions and culture of India.

As a guest to India, whether they have stayed in a hotel or spent a night at a house of a native, tourists have narrated every now and then incidents how everyone in the country has been willing to lend a helping hand, care for them, treat them in a friendly manner and helped in making their trip as memorable, easy and enjoyable as possible.

In fact, people in India are so approachable that tourists never feel out of place.

Just like this tourist who had come on a tour to India and ended up falling in love with people of the country.

A Facebook post on the verified page of Humans of Bombay - a page that chronicles the lives of people living in Mumbai - described this tourist's experience in the country.

The post talks about how he was made to feel so special by the people he met during his trip that he went onto to say "I’ve noticed that Indians go out of their way on so many occasions and I’ve never seen that before….No other place can boast of having such a large heart.”

Yes we totally agree on that.

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