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This Trump Supporter Thinks Joe Biden is Jim Carrey and 'Truman Show' Actor Can't Even

'Haters will say it's photoshopped.' (Credits: Twitter/@@xghostnotesx)

'Haters will say it's photoshopped.' (Credits: Twitter/@@xghostnotesx)

An individual walking at a Trump rally claimed that Joe Biden is 'played' by several different actors in masks, including Jim Carrey and James Woods.

Jim Carrey the actor is not, in fact, US President Joe Biden. Who would’ve thought? Certainly not the individual who was interviewed by The Good Liars while she was walking at a Trump rally. “I mean there are several different people playing Joe Biden at this point,” they said in the viral clip. “When he fell up the stairs going on the airplane, I myself think that that was Jim Carrey.” They confirmed that they did, in fact, think that Biden was played by actors wearing masks. When he fell while going up the stairs, that had to have been Jim Carrey “being silly”. James Woods is Jim Carrey’s contender in supposedly strutting around as a Biden “doppelganger”.

Jim Carrey was asked by The Good Liars to confirm if it was true and the actor had to respond. He didn’t have much to say, except “Oh dear” and a strangely assorted emoticon.

The Good Liars are a comedy duo who interview conservatives on the regular, and have unearthed many such wild claims from conspiracy theorists. Notable among many such interviewees was one guy who believed that Michael Jackson was alive and that JFK was the acting president.

Speaking of, Donald Trump recently said that he’s perhaps the “most honest human being God ever created”. The former US President made the statement at a rally in Selma, North Carolina, where he was defending himself against the multiple investigations into his tax affairs and his attempt to overturn the 2020 elections, reports The Independent. “You are the cleanest on Earth when you think about it,” Trump quoted purported private remarks from a friend who also claimed that years and years of investigations- “millions and millions of documents”- have revealed no dirt on him. “I think I’m the most honest human being, perhaps, that God ever created,” Trump continued amid cheers from his supporters, before adding, “Perhaps”.

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first published:May 02, 2022, 13:49 IST