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This Twitter Account of Man Crushing Food With Bare Hands Will Leave You Mildly Infuriated

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Last Updated: August 11, 2020, 15:31 IST

Beverage being gripped/@GrippingFood/Twitter

Beverage being gripped/@GrippingFood/Twitter

Twitter account namely, 'Gripping food with Force,' shares pictures shares bizarre pictures of food items being crushed by people and later being consumed, leaving food lovers disappointed.

Good food is something that sets the mood right. It is indispensable in any party, celebrations or festivals. Many people even like cooking and they keep looking for recipe videos on the Internet. But, there is a Twitter account that offers bizarre pictures of food.

The name of the account, Gripping Food With Force, tells what it does. It shares pictures of people crushing various food items with their hands. The bio of the Twitter handle mentions that all crushed food is eaten.

Here are some of the photos shared by Gripping Food With Force.

Fate of ice-cream


This picture shows a person gripping ice-cream with force. It can leave ice-cream lovers heartbroken.

This post did not go down well with some tweeple. Reacting to this photo, one user wrote, “It’s times like this where I wish Twitter had a dislike button.” Another person just asked why.

Poor banana

In this particular post, a banana is being gripped with force. Responding to the tweet, some people said that they liked it. Few users just wrote, “No”.

Watermelon in dire state

In this image, a piece of watermelon was squeezed. Many netizens did not like this treatment with the fruit.

A user wrote, “I can't stand to see this brutality.” Another person called it “disappointing execution.”

No! not with chicken wings and fries

The sight of chicken wings and fries being compressed will surely spoil the mood of meat lovers.

This image disappointed many tweeple. One person said, “this brings me pain.” A netizen said that he had not eaten anything for two days and he saw this, adding that it pained him.

Some more pictures of food:

The quirky pictures of food being gripped with force don't seem to have won much appraisals by people fascinated by the food items which seem to have put a full stop to a good relishing memory of food being loved by some.