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This US-Based CCTV Company is Paying Remote Workers in India to Yell at Armed Robbers

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Last Updated: June 22, 2021, 14:45 IST

Image for representation only, via Canva.

Image for representation only, via Canva.

For $399 or approximately Rs 29,000 per month, a person in Haryana to watch a video feed of a business, 24x7.

As India enters the start of its second year of work-from-home, fatigue for workplaces has set in for many. But what if your job involved monitoring others on video, and yelling at them? A US-based company allegedly offers just this – and Indians may be the preferred group. Washington-based Live Eye Surveillance uses humans to demonstrate its flagship product: a surveillance camera system that keeps constant watch over shops and lets a remote human operator intervene whenever they see something they deem suspicious. For the correct price, the company will get someone to monitor your CCTV feed – and yell at store clerks for not doing their job properly, or incase there is a robbery.

For $399 or approximately Rs 29,000 per month, a person in Haryana to watch a video feed of a business, 24×7, according to a report in VICE’s Motherboard. According to Live Eye Surveillance’s website, the company is “an established provider of avant-garde Surveillance Solutions and cloud-based analytics. In the arena of security and surveillance, we provide 24 x 7 x 365 intelligent video-based surveillance and loss prevention services. We continuously strive to make it easier for our clients to view and analyze their daily sales, losses, net profits with our daily reports tool. In a period of just over a year, we have accomplished ground-breaking achievements with our best in class services provided to some of the most well-known corporations such as 7-Eleven, 76, Chevron, Food-Mart, Dairy Queen and Shell. At Live Eye Surveillance, we continuously enhance over 2000 consumer experiences daily while protecting millions of dollars of assets.”

The ‘Job Opening’ section of the website is also current Hiring, and the role is based out of Karnal in Haryana. The job description for a ‘Process Analyst’ reads that the candidate will require “monitoring sites (Convenience stores, gas stations, etc.) for our end clients/customers, assisting employees located overseas remotely via phone or camera, creating reports for any suspicious activities for employees working at the remote site (overseas) or for customers present at the site, act as a virtual supervisor for the sites, in terms of assuring the safety of the employees located overseas and requesting them to complete assigned tasks.”

The qualifications require having a degree of “12th or above, basic computer skills are required as 100% of the work is on computers, good communication skills, self-learner.” All job openings are solely based out of Karnal.

But what exactly does the company really want? According to Motherboard, the answer is much darker. In one of the promotional videos Live Eye sends potential customers, two black-clad robbers, one carrying an assault rifle, run into what appears to be a 7-Eleven store and force the clerk behind the counter. As the clerk starts to open the cash register, the Live Eye system dings and a voice informs the robbers that the police have been called. They run out of the store. This implies that they want an audio-operator to actively taken responsibility during armed assault for a country half-way across the globe.

Live Eye mentions on its website that its mission is, “to reduce the risk of business operations with the need to protect the employee and company assets.” Currently, according to the website, the service is employed by 7/11, Shell, Holiday Inn among popular ones.

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first published:June 22, 2021, 14:45 IST
last updated:June 22, 2021, 14:45 IST