This Video Game Console Will Also Chill Two Bottles of Beer For You in the Same Case

Image credits: Bud light.

Image credits: Bud light.

It comes with 16 gigabytes of memory and six games and a built-in Asus projector.

Gamers need some fuel while defeating enemies in their video games, but how can they leave the game to make the long way to the kitchen to fetch a cool bottle of beer? Fear not, Bud Light is here so you don’t have to pause a game when you need a drink.

The beer brand owned by Anheuser-Busch is diversifying into the tech world. They are making their grand entry with a multifunctional video-game console. The product called BL6 looks like a 6-pack beer case. However, the exterior look is indicative of what hides inside. The console can hold and chill two beers inside the case. It comes with 16 gigabytes of memory and six games and a built-in Asus projector. Some of the more famous games include Tekken 7 and Soulcalibur VI. The product is every video-game aficionado with a taste for beer.

While the idea may feel quite unique, it isn’t so. Beer companies have realised that their target demographic contains a large faction of video-gamers and have been trying to increase their reach via such stunts.

In 2019, the famous beer brand Miller Lite introduced a game controller which looked like one of their beer cans. The name was a not-so-clever pun; ‘Cantroller.’ The product was a fully functional 10-button gamepad and created sustainably by repurposing aluminium beer cans.

While these products may appeal to certain fans excessively, they are not made for everyone. Most of the promotional events make it impossible to get the products unless you get their first or are ready to spend a lot of money.

According to The Verge, it’s impossible to find a place to someone procure a Cantroller. The company created a Twitch profile and a launch event for the ‘drop event’ of their Cantroller. As for the Bl6 by BudLight, it is being auctioned for more than $1,000 (INR 74,158).

One reason for this could be to create an urgency among the users. When there is a limited number of products in the whole world, each becomes a collector’s item by default. Search for them grows, inevitably increasing the market value of the beer companies themselves.

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