This Video on 'How to Sound Like Prateek Kuhad' is Making Us Feel Like a Cold/Mess

Image credits: Facebook/Instagram.

Image credits: Facebook/Instagram.

Posted on Facebook by Yasir Mujtaba, the video breaks down what you need to sound like Kuhad.

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  • Last Updated: July 31, 2020, 8:48 AM IST
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Indie singer Prateek Kuhad's words have often comforted us when we 'feel cold.' Just like his promised lyrics, the songs have often managed to keep us warm, while also taking us down a path of living through a heartbreak.

Kuhad's music stands out, for being what was so far, an unexplored territory in Indian English music.

But often, people have joked about, 'All of his songs sound the same.' Which while untrue, the songs do have a familiar ring to them.

Now, someone has figured out the formulae to a Prateek Kuhad song.

Posted on Facebook by Yasir Mujtaba, the video breaks down what you need to sound like Kuhad.

The first step is choosing a basic guitar progression. The next step is stretching out your words, to make them sound more like 'aaah, haaah.'

The third and final step, is to share your daily events, down to the tiny details.

Mujtaba starts by describing him eating food, and the final result does sound eerily accurate to any Kuhad song.

The video comes shortly some days after a different Twitter user seems to have cracked singer Ritviz song-making, all within two minutes and eight steps.

Lyrics from a random word like aasman (sky) followed by few random sentences put in sync with the sound of classical instruments like tabla, south Indian wedding music and singing as if high with few other steps and the vlogger makes something like a Rivitz song.

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This does make us wonder, does every musician's 'unique' music come with a formula which we can possibly crack?

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