TikTok's 'CEO of No Fizzy Drinks' Journey is the Wholesome Content We Needed In 2020

Image for representation. Credits: Instagram_Rohit Roygre

Image for representation. Credits: Instagram_Rohit Roygre

Rohit Roygre had an addiction to fizzy drinks for over a decade. Now he's using social media to document his fizzy drink-free days.

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  • Last Updated: July 28, 2020, 2:06 PM IST
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Between coronavirus, police brutality, and lots of natural calamities, 2020 is the year none of us wanted.

However, there seems to be some reassuring content amidst all the trash fire.

A man, hailing from Melbourne, has been documenting his health journey and given the internet the much-needed happy content in all the gloom.

Rohit Roygre is on a healthy journey to stop drinking fizzy drinks after years of being a soft drink addict.

Roygre posted his first TikTok sharing his obsession with a fizzy drink in early June, detailing his intention to share regular videos in an attempt to abstain from the drink.

Roygre said that doctors had advised him to quit fizzy drinks but he had never been able to.

Pledging to post to his TikTok account every night, Rohit's original aim was to recompense himself on Sundays with a fizzy drink.

“I’ve decided to use some help from TikTok, I know this is a fun place but I’m just trying to get some help,” Rohit said. “Thank you for your support in advance. I’m really excited, hopefully, this will help me get rid of my addiction as soon as possible.”

Rohit, however, never did drink that fizzy drink on the first Sunday. Or the second, or the third, and continued his days fizzy-drink free.

He has now gone a whopping 50 days without a fizzy drink, and social media is whole-heartedly following his journey to be fizzy drink free.

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Day twenty four

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The comment section of his profile is filled with messages of encouragement, and people beginning to refer to him as "the CEO of no fizzy drinks in general."

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Day fifty

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"This guy is looking every day healthier and happier! Absolute royal man!" wrote one user.

'CEO of No Fizzy Drinks' may or may not a cultural icon we'll remember in years from now, but he is certainly the tiny burst of wholesome content in the middle of bleak 2020.

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