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Tired of Non-Skippable Ads While Listening to Music? This Desi Influencer Has a Quirky 'Jugaad'

By: Buzz Staff


Last Updated: October 12, 2020, 13:03 IST

Image credits: YouTube/Instagram.

Image credits: YouTube/Instagram.

Alexa, play 'Despacito.' We mean... read out the lyrics of Despacito.

It’s another day in 2020, and you have a tune stuck in your head while trying to work from home. Not being able to concentrate, you turn to your phone, open YouTube and look up the song. You hit play.

“If I listen to it, it’ll be out of my head,” you reason. You wait for the song to play, but instead, an ad starts playing on YouTube. You go to skip it, but it’s not skip-able.

“It’s okay. It’s just five seconds,” you tell yourself. The ad ends. Now a second ad is playing. You feel like you’re in an episode of The Twilight Zone. You close the video, and now instead of the song, the jingle of the advertisement is stuck in your head.

The scenario isn’t imagined – it’s become a fast reality as YouTube has increased its ad count, and everywhere you go to listen to music, you’re encountered with more and more ads, sometimes eclipsing the time of the music you want to listen to.

And we’re not the only ones annoyed by this.

And it’s not just YouTube. Spotify, Gaana, Wynk – you name it, and every music service has adverts now. We may have just found the ultimate hack to an ad-free experience to listen to music.

Indian Influencer Akshar Pathak had found a great way to ‘skip’ ads. Copy paste the lyrics of the song you want to listen to onto Google Translate and get Google’s Assistant to read it out. (Spoiler alert: It does not work for ‘Khali Bali’ from Padmavat.)

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found a new way to listen to songs without ads

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We’re not saying this works…but you know. It works if you really want it to. Isn’t that what ‘jugaad’ is? An Indian sentiment which captures the feeling of doing something by hook-or-crook with the attitude of ‘kuch bhi’?

Anyway, Alexa play Despacito. Sorry, err… we mean. Read the lyrics of Despacito out.

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