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Travel Junkie on a No-Flight World Tour Had Just 9 Countries Left, Now He's Stuck in Hong Kong


Torbjørn "Thor" Pedersen was on a mission to visit every country in the world without getting on any flights when COVID-19 disrupted his plans | Image credit: Instagram

Pederson is not sure when he will be able to leave Hong Kong but he has been utilising his time there to the fullest and exploring the city.

Travel junkie and Instagramer Torbjørn "Thor" Pedersen had been on a six-year-long mission to complete touring all the countries of the world without using air travel. After years of traveling via roads and sea, the traveler was just nine countries away from completing his goal. And that's when the coronavirus pandemic happened.

Pederson had been in Hong Kong, waiting to board a ship to Palau archipelago in the Pacific when the city went into lockdown. A Danish national and a goodwill ambassador for the Danish Red Cross, Pederson has been stuck in Hong Kong for nearly 84 days.

For now, Pederson has no option but to wait for the crisis to tide over.

The Instgtramer has been active on the social media portal, however, uploading photos and videos from his adventures in Hong Kong, which recorded its first coronavirus death early in February. He has also been regularly updating his blog.

The Red Cross activist has been keeping busy volunteering with the local Red Cross organisation in Hong Kong and trekking to the many nearby trails that can be accessed on foot. He also outlined on Twitter that though his plans had been disrupted by the virus, he was having a good time.

"...for me personally, when I can’t get what I want, I somehow got the second best thing. I’m stuck in Hong Kong but I’m free to move about. A loving family is caring for me. I’m supported by thousands of people online. I’m in good health. I’m safe," he wrote on Instagram on Day 78 of his involuntary incarceration.

Though Pederson's visa is about to expire soon, the traveler was impressed by Hong Kong's immigration department that instantly got his extension processed due to the current conditions.

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