'True Religion Respects All': Tamil Rapper Arivu's New Track 'Sanda Seivom’ Disses the CAA-NRC

Image credits: YouTube Screengrab.

Image credits: YouTube Screengrab.

"Law is law only if it supports equality," raps Arivu, the message clear from his rap.

Raka Mukherjee
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  • Last Updated: January 18, 2020, 2:46 PM IST
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"Law is law only if it supports equality," raps Tamil rapper Arivu whose album Therukkural released last year.

In his new single, 'Sanda Seivom,’ he raps about why the The Citizenship Amendment Bill-National Registar of Citizens should be removed, by taking it all the way back to its historical roots.

"Democracy is the face of a free nation," he raps, adding that "true religion respects all." His message from the song is clear: "Law is law only if it supports equality."

"The foundation of our constitution is against religious discrimination. Killing secularism is a foolish act," the lyrics spell.

Arivu goes all the way to the beginning and explains that before civilization, people existed as tribes and embraced different religions as colonizers came and took over. He further attacks the 'minority' concept in The Citizenship Amendment Bill, "Who is the minority here? Working class is the majority around the world, yet we are divided!"

He addresses some of the central questions of the CAA. "Who should live here? Who should rule here? Who is the citizen? Who is Indian?" and answers these with, "Who are you to tell me who I am?"

The statement is certain: "One's motherland is not in their birth."

He comments on the uncertainty of identity proof as well "Aadhar and Voter is useless. You have to dig out your great, great grandfather from his grave."

His song is also a war cry. He repeats the lines, "Let us fight, in the streets. If our rights are taken away, let us fight. United as one, let us fight."

In the YouTube caption of his song, he quotes Ambedkar, "We are Indians, Firstly and lastly."

He also explains the message of his song: "In solidarity to the CAA protests happening all over the country and to the students who are sacrificing their valuable time and energy for a SECULAR SOCIETY and to SAVE THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA."

You can watch the full song below.

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