Turkish Man Seen Drying Wet Pigeon on Window Sill with Hair Dryer in Heart-'warming' Video

A viral video of a man in Turkey drying a wet bird on the window sill is going viral | Image credit: Twitter

A viral video of a man in Turkey drying a wet bird on the window sill is going viral | Image credit: Twitter

The heartwarming incident took place Sultangazi in the north-western Turkish city of Istanbul where a man was seen warming a pigeon with a hairdryer.

In this cold and negative world, everyone needs a little warming up, sometimes literally. In a display of immense human empathy and kindness, a man was spotted in Turkey trying to warm a pigeon with the help of a blow dryer.

The incident is of Sultangazi in the north-western Turkish city of Istanbul. On a very chilly day, a man spotted a soaked pigeon and then decided to help him in a very unusual but effective way. In the video featured on DailyMail Twitter handle, a man can be seen leaning out of his window almost dangerously. He holds a hairdryer in his hand which is stretching as far as it can, holding a hairdryer. On the outside, a pigeon cowers on the ledge on his wall. The video is taken from some distance but the close-up reveals a pigeon who is willingly letting the man warm him up.

The man was identified as Sabahattin Yilmaz, a resident of Sultangazi, according to DHA he warmed the shivering bird for about fifteen minutes. It was his neighbour who recorded the video and put it online. According to Yilmaz, he had just opened his window when he spotted the pigeon around the corner of the sill. It was wet and “about to freeze” from the cold weather, he observed.

After fifteen minutes, the bird was fed with some birdseed which he ate happily. However, it did not recover completely.

“I saw that it was still there so I warmed it up again, after the pigeon recovered again, and after eating a good amount of seed, it flew away,” he said to local media. He added he had no idea the video was recorded and put online. He simply did it out of kindness. “The pigeon is a living creature and deserved to continue living, that is why I did it,” he said.

Here is the video. Even though it lasts for mere seconds, Yilmaz’s kind intentions are quite clear.

The short clip has been viewed over 10,000 times.

“Need more people like this in the world how excellent would it be,” said a user, while another noted, “Turkey people are amazing.”

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