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Twitter Gave Out Life Advice to People Spamming Jack Dorsey For Edit Button

Twitter / Representative image.

Twitter / Representative image.

Twitter on Wednesday reminded everyone why an edit button wasn't the need of the hour.

A feature that constantly pops up in conversations every time someone talks about the flexibility of making corrections to their online posts is the presence of an edit button. While some SM platforms do give you a second chance to edit typos and occasional goof-ups from your personal posts, Twitter is always flooded with unsuccessful pleas to the bird app to include the option to rectify your mistakes on the microblogging site even if it were provided with a timer.

While the constant pleas have fallen on deaf ears (so far), Twitter does like the idea of flirting around the idea of an edit button every once in a while. Taking a subtle dig at its users, the official handle of Twitter ended up giving rather wholesome advice to those aiming for perfection in their tweets.

“you don’t need an edit button, you just need to forgive yourself," wrote Twitter.


As is the case of anything shared on the web, Twitterverse went nuts and picked their sides.

UNO mincing no words whatsoever.

Photoshop, anyone?

Would you?

Last year, around the same time, Twitter came up with a genius plan to give us the edit button but the promise had terms and conditions:

Realising they had been played again by Twitter, users had to live another day without the edit button. Many others, put on their DIY masks.

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first published:June 30, 2021, 09:53 IST