Twitter is 'Giving Away' Blue Tick to Anyone Who Replies to this Tweet. But There's a Catch

Reuters image.

Reuters image.

Twitter was apparently testing out one of its new features that reduces online abuse, trolling, and harassment -- by trolling all of us.

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  • Last Updated: May 22, 2020, 11:10 AM IST
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Verified badge on your social media accounts makes you stand out from the rest. Your posts, opinions, and hot takes seem "authentic" and people tend to take you far more seriously than others or so as we think. And who doesn't like a blue tick anyway?

Knowing very well that Twitterati really wanted to be a part of that elite group, Twitter communication's official handle @TwitterComms asked netizens to reply to one of its tweets and in return, they would be gifted with a blue tick.

"reply if you want to be verified!" the account wrote.

The tweet garnered thousands of retweets and "likes" but mysteriously enough had 0 replies below it.


Did Twitter just troll and bait the entire Twitterverse? Pretty much.

Twitter Communications was apparently testing out one of its features that reduces online abuse, trolling, and harassment -- by trolling all of us.

While the feature which has now reached its implementation phase, the microblogging site has chosen only a handful of accounts to try and test out the new settings that are aimed at making online conversations selective and civil.

There are four settings namely Global, Group, Panel, and Statement that you could choose before posting out a tweet.

Global - allows anybody to reply to your tweet.

Group - will allow only people you follow as well as the people you @mention in that tweet to reply.

Panel - in this setting, only the people you specifically mention in the tweet can reply.

Statement - this setting, used fittingly by @TwitterComms to try out the feature, allows you to post a tweet and receive absolutely no replies.

Notably, Twitter's account verification program is currently on hold.

Well played, Twitter.

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