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Twitter User Shares Alarming Video of 'Skimming' Device Installed by Thugs In Delhi ATM

Image credit: PTI

Image credit: PTI

Observe the video posted by the Twitter user to learn how to look for a hidden camera inside the flap above the pin pad.

Tannistha Sinha
  • Last Updated: August 28, 2019, 6:12 PM IST
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A Twitter user shared an alarming video on the microblogging site on Saturday, displaying the kind of equipment that is installed inside ATMs by crooks.

These devices are designed to clone personal data from an otherwise legitimate credit or debit card transaction. Carefully installed by criminals, these "skimming devices" often look like they are part of the Automated Teller Machine itself.

A successful theft takes place when thieves manage to plant small pinhole cameras above the numeric entry space in order to extract pin numbers from vulnerable ATM users who might not understand that such a device is tracking their moves.

When a card in put inside the skimmer, it captures and collects all information from the card’s magnetic strip.

Twitter user Rosy took to Twitter to post a video of a person uninstalling a skimming device at a Canara Bank ATM after it was discovered by a group of citizens in New Delhi’s Arjun Nagar in the Safdargunj area.

Canara Bank issued a public statement immediately stating that the “attempted fraud” was rectified soon enough and the skimming device “removed expeditiously” from “Gowtami Nagar, Delhi ATM”.

The video has been viewed 83.8 thousand times and currently has 3.7 thousand retweets and 3.6 thousand likes. It has also been retweeted by Uttar Pradesh Police additional superintendent Rahul Srivastav.

Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar offered solutions to to the problem of "skimming". "When using any ATM, you must do these checks.
Also see, how thin and highly capable camera / memory / processors have created new problems," he wrote on Twitter.

The Canara mServe app allows users to switch off their cards when not in use, reducing the chances of theft. In addition, security measures have been made more stringent to protect people from fraud. For example, for withdrawals of more than Rs 10,000, the OTP feature is meant to minimize unauthorized use. No monetary loss will be incurred once a theft is reported within three days of its occurrence.

The post has ushered in complaints from other ATM users as well.

Some asked the right questions.

Simple methods such as observing the area around the ATM for loiterers and paying heed to prior warnings before entering the vestibule can also help make the transactions safer.

Observe the video posted by the Twitter user to learn how to look for a hidden camera inside the flap above the pin pad.

Trying to cover the numbers physically with your palm and standing close to the ATM also help. Waiting till the screen is ready for a new transaction is a must.

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