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Twitter's New Instagram-Like 'Fleets' Feature Has Desis Coming Up With Everlasting Memes

Twitter fleets / representative image.

Twitter fleets / representative image.

With 'Fleets', Twitter users can upload posts that will disappear after 24 hours - something that already existed on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

"Where is the edit button?"

Microblogging site Twitter has announced a new feature called "Fleets" for its smartphone users in India. With this, the Jack Dorsey-run social media giant will join the league of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp wherein users can upload "stories" that vanish after 24 hours.

"We’re testing a way for you to think out loud without the Likes, Retweets, or replies, called Fleets! Best part? They disappear after 24 hours," Twitter India wrote in a tweet on June 9.

With Twitter Fleets feature, users will now be able to see the posts, but not get others to like, retweet or post public responses to them. The responses to the Fleets, if any, will take you to the direct messages of the uploader.

Incidentally, India is the third country after Brazil and Italy where the feature has been rolled out for the users to try and test it out on the iOS and Android apps.

Of course, the announcement got desis talking. Some wondered why a feature that already existed on other social media apps was "introduced" to Twitter. Others hilariously mocked the introduction of stories feature on payment apps such as Paytm and Google Pay. The rest were here for memes and there were lots of them.

In fact, soon after its roll out announcement, #fleets became the top trending hashtag on Twitter - a win-win situation for microblogging platform.