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Two 'Twin' Girls Born to Two Different Mothers, 8 Months Apart. Here's How it Happened

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

When Kelsie Pierce tried failed to conceive a baby after months of trying, her mother stepped in to offer her womb.

Becoming a mother is not as always as easy. So when a 31-year-old American woman could not conceive a child, her mother stepped in to carry her baby instead.

After multiple medical treatments, Kelsi Pierce was unable to conceive a child with her husband and a former soldier, Kyle Pierce. The Minnesota resident visited a doctor and got herself tested. The tests revealed that Kelsi’s oestrogen levels were low and the condition of her eggs was not feasible for childbirth.

The news was devastating for Kelsi and doctors diagnosed her with blocked fallopian tubes. To be with her daughter during her corrective surgery, Kelsi’s 52-year-old mother Lisa Rutherford flew from Michigan.

It was during that time that Lisa read in a magazine how a 50-year-old mother carried a baby for her daughter. According to a report in The Mirror, Kelsi said that her mother told her that she was ready to do the same for her daughter.

At first, the woman laughed it off. But when doctors told Kelsi that her uterus lining was too thin to carry a baby, and after several months of failed attempts to treat her, the couple started to consider her mother’s offer.

Kelsi called her mother and the two of them consulted the doctors who expressed their concern. However, as long as Lisa passed the medical tests, doctors said that she can carry Kelsi’s baby.

There was some apprehension from Lisa’s husband, Paul’s side as well, but Lisa told Mirror how she is strong-willed and wanted to make her daughter happy. In another miraculous turn, soon after Lisa was implanted with Kelsi and Kyle’s baby’s embryo, Kelsi also got pregnant in March.

The mother and daughter were pregnant together this year. Kelsi describes the experience as the strangest thing. Speaking to the report, she said seeing her mother being implanted with her own grandchild was the strangest thing.

The fruits of their labour finally were born as the two ladies gave birth to baby girls. Ava Rae and Everly Rose were born eight weeks apart in two different months and two different wombs this year.

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