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UK Businessman Hits Jackpot As His Old Telephone Booth Put Up For Sale At £35000

Old telephone booth put up for sale at £35000.

Old telephone booth put up for sale at £35000.

The cactus plant seller was using antique red telephone booth for showcasing plants.

It can’t be said when one’s luck will take a turn for the better. One such story has been reported from Norfolk in UK where a cactus plant seller discovered the scrap he was using for his shop worth lakhs of rupees. Last month Simon Ward, 53, started his shop named Simply Cactus inside a red phone kiosk along with two of his friends in Tombland, Norfolk.

Simon was using an antique red coloured telephone booth on the roadside to showcase his plants. Simon and his friends Timo Malagori and Dani Tagliaferra were short of space and thus they decided to use the red telephone box which was lying unused at Simon’s house.

Recently a customer noticed the red phone box and on examination found that it was an antique piece and its cost was in lakhs. Now this phone box has been put for online auction at a staggering price of £ 35,000 i.e. around 36 lakh rupees.

“I’m surprised. I only found out when someone came over to take photos of the phone box and said to put it up for sale. The phone box is now up for auction. It has a starting price of £35,000. I leased it for six months, but it appears like the cactus business will be homeless after that,” the shop’s owner stated. Ward pays only £3,000 per year to rent the small area, which is wired for electricity and stands at 8 ft 3 inches in height.


Simon, on the other hand, is upset with his box’s sale. He claims that this box was important in the success of his company. The box used to capture people’s attention and draw them towards it. Simon used to sell the cactus in two boxes, one of which was worth millions of dollars. The second box is normal. The three owners are concerned that if one box is sold, they would be unable to continue operating their business.

There are numerous ancient phone boxes in the United Kingdom. Thousands of such boxes have already been sold. Both Simon and his business partners were shocked by the news.

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first published:July 19, 2021, 15:09 IST