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UK Man Caught Trying to Smuggle Cocaine into Belgium Using a Fake Penis

Image for Representation.

Image for Representation.

The man has not been identified as part of any known drug rings and claimed that he was carrying the cocaine for his personal use.

A man from Britain was caught for trying to smuggle cocaine inside a "fake penis" into Belgium a few months ago. He was traveling from Jamaica when he was intercepted at the Brussels Airport in February.

The man had failed a drug test at the airport initially that made the border agents grow suspicious of him. He was then led for further examinations at a local hospital. It was here that officers found that the man had hidden about 127 gram of cocaine in an artificial penis, according to a The New Zealand Herald report.

The report added that the man had revealed he planned to use the cocaine for personal use only once he returned home in Britain. He was visiting his mother in Jamaica when one of his acquaintances offered him the cocaine there.

His participation in any kind of drug transport or his role as a ‘mule' has not been proven. Yet the prosecutors of the case have demanded for a sentence of up to 36 months. The defense team of the man have requested against any custodial sentence owing to the man’s physical condition.

According to the news report, the defense attorney said, “My client has kidney failure and needs to exercise as well as follow a proper diet”. The final sentence will be given out on June 24.