Ukrainian Mom Digs 35 ft Tunnel to Free Murder-accused Son from Jail, Arrested

35 feet long Tunnel. Credits: Twitter_Police Ukraine

35 feet long Tunnel. Credits: Twitter_Police Ukraine

The woman had shifted some three tons of soil by the time she was caught and arrested, three weeks after starting her jailbreak project.

Truth is stranger than fiction. and proving that is a Ukrainian mom who dug her son a 35-feet-long undergound tunnel to help him escape from prison.

Of all the prison heists you've heard or read about, the stunt this mom pulled is definitely going to be on top of the list. The 51-year-old woman single-handedly dug a 35-feet-tunnel into jail to free her convicted son, who is serving a life sentence for murder in Ukraine.

The unnamed 51-year-old woman started her grand masterplan by renting a house located near the jail in Zaporizhia, in south-east Ukraine.

Using shovels and pickaxes, the mum then managed to dig a tunnel, working only at night so as not to attract any attention to what she was up to

In the end, she managed to carve out a 10 feet-deep tunnel, which started in a field near her son's prison and then ran 35 feet underground just under the prison walls.

The woman would stay indoors so that locals wouldn't recognize her as an outsider, but by the time night fell, she would arrive at the dig site on a silent electric scooter, using a small trolley inside the tunnel to collect the debris.

She was somehow able to keep this up for three weeks until she was eventually found and arrested.

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