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Unnati Malharkar to Jissa Paul, 6 Instagram Influencers Who Nailed the 'Dinero' Trend

Image Credits: Instagram/@unnati_m,jissapaull

Image Credits: Instagram/@unnati_m,jissapaull

Awez Darbar, Anam Darbar, Unnati Malharkar, Jissa Paul, Sonali Bhadauria, Deeksha Khurana Aadil Khan, and Krutika Solanki have nailed the trend as they infused it with their creativity.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when people across the globe were locked in their houses, the concept of Instagram reels was introduced. From dubbing music to transition videos, the Instagram trends are a treat to the eyes, and they also do away the boredom. The Instagram challenges have allowed many to explore their dancing side. Well, the reels are not restricted to dance and music only, even the filmy and funny dialogues are doing wonders. Another element that has garnered popularity is the Reel songs. We have often seen content creators grooving to the beats and infusing their own creativity to make their videos stand out.

The Reel song, Dinero by Trinidad Cardona is the latest addition and Instagrammers are trying every way out to win the hearts of their followers. Here are a few creators whose Dinero Reels were quite impressive –

Awez and Anam Darbar:This brother-sister duo has nailed multiple trends and we can add the Dinero trend too. Their amazing and unique dance moves adds a lot of swag to the video. Awez’s choreography has often left his fans speechless.


Unnati Malharkar:The fashion diva of Instagram is one of the content creators who share some stunning transition videos and dance moves. Her fashion sense and subtle makeup are an inspiration to many. Acing the Dinero trend, Unnati infused her transition game into it.

Jissa Paul:Jissa has taken the popular dance number and created a unique video, without grooving to its beat. She introduced her followers to her hard-working team, which is behind her stunning videos.

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Sonali Bhadauria:Sonali Bhadauria also grooved to Dinero in her latest Instagram Reel. Those stunning moves in black boots and oomph factor have raised the bar for the trend.

Aadil Khan and Krutika Solanki:Aadil and Krutika have made a ‘couple dance’on the popular songseem so effortless and smooth.

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Deeksha Khurana:Deeksha has added her swag and beauty to the Dinero number. The heart-shaped yellow sunglasses are stealing the show.

Tell us which one is your favorite?

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first published:July 12, 2021, 18:55 IST