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US Comedian Re-posts Controversial Photo of Herself Holding Bloody, Severed Head of Trump Effigy

Kathy Griffith | File photo | Image credit: Reuters

Kathy Griffith | File photo | Image credit: Reuters

American comedian Kathy Griffin, whose career tanked after she initially posted the gory image in 2017, took to social media to share the image once again in wake of Donald Trump claiming victory in US elections 2020 despite votes still being counted.

As counting of the most crucial presidential elections in the United States continues, some polarised Americans are posting their strong views quite unapologetically. One of those people happens to be American Comedian Kathy Griffin.

The Emmy award-winning comedian posted the gory image of hers holding a severed bloody head of President Donald Trump from the 2017 infamous photoshoot. The 60-year-old outspoken opponent of the President was best known for presenting the New Year’s Eve countdown with News anchor Anderson Cooper on CNN.

The infamous image shows Griffin with an expressionless look holding the head of President Trump which is slathered in fake blood. Griffin had said that she was investigated by the secret service for posting the image. However, she remains a staunch opponent of the President and posted the image shortly after Donald Trump prematurely declared that he had won the 2020 Election at around 2 am on Wednesday morning. The announcement came after the Republican party candidate started trailing behind his opponent from Democrat party Joe Biden.

The stand-up comic reposted the photograph taken by photographer Tyler Shields without comment. However, Twitter was quick to flag the tweet for potentially sensitive content. Twitter and Facebook are actively preventing any declaration of winner before the entire counting process. Twitter also flagged one of Trump’s election-night tweets for violating its civic integrity policy by sharing content that is “disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”

Griffin also tweeted a series of reasons explaining why the incumbent US President corrupted the election and also lashed out at those people who voted for him once again.

The controversial image did damage Griffin’s career back in 2017 and she had to apologise for it. However, she retracted her apology a year later and made a stand-up act inspired by the events. The entire journey was recorded in a 2019 documentary “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story."

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