US Comedian's Spoof Mimicking Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau Wishing Indians Diwali Wins Desi Hearts

US comedian Feraz Shere has the perfect Diwali gift for Desi Twitter | Image credit: Twitter/Reuters

US comedian Feraz Shere has the perfect Diwali gift for Desi Twitter | Image credit: Twitter/Reuters

New York-based comedian Feraz Shere's videos spoof mimicking world leaders making Diwali wishes is going viral online.


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A New York-based comedian is winning hearts in India with his impression of world leaders greeting Indians on the occasion of Diwali.

With Indians make their presence known around the world, it has become customary for world leaders to take to send out festive greetings on all Indian festivals and occasions.

And as Indians across the world celebrated Diwali - the festival of lights - many including incumbent US President Donald Trump, President and Vice Preside-elects Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and others chose to share Diwali wishes.

But what caught netizens' eye was a video uploaded by American comedian Feraz Shere, who took to Twitter to share a spoof video mimicking the leaders.

Indians across the world celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali on November 14. To mark the festival, Trump shared a photo of him lighting a lamp in the White House.

Taking a dig at Trump, Sherez perfectly mimicked him while claiming, "I would be a tremendous Hindu, I would be a beautiful Hindu. Because we had a Diwali party at the White House, okay? And we had thousands and thousands of Diyas".

Shere went on to mimic former US President Barack Obama, Democrat leader Bernie Sanders and also Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The video has been going viral on Twitter with many commenting on the accuracy of Sherez's mimicry.

President-elect Joe Biden extended wishes on behalf of himself and his wife Dr Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, who will be the first woman and Indian-origin vice-president of the United States, also extended Diwali wishes. On Saturday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also extended Diwali wishes.

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