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US Man is Ready to Go to Jail, But Won't Return His Dog to Former Employer

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Myrick worked in a pest control company for four years where the dog, Roxy, accompanied him to inspect buildings.

How long will you go for the love of your pet? Whatever you say, you won’t be able to match New York-based Barry Myrick’s love and dedication for his dog. Myrick is ready to go to jail rather than than giving the custody of his pet Roxy to his former employer M&M Environmental in Queens.

Myrick calls Roxy his best friend and even has its tattoo on his leg. “I committed to her long ago, and nothing’s going to come between me and her,” he was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

Myrick, formerly a pest control employee, worked with Roxy for four years before he was laid off by the company in March. The dog was provided by the company M&M, covering its food and medical bills, but the two grew fond of each other over time. Roxy lived with Myrick and his wife Joana. Roxy and Myrick have some fond memories like that of going to enjoying hiking trips together.

The bond is such that Roxy is family to the couple now. “This is the closest to kids we’ll have,” Myrick was quoted as saying.

But when pandemic wretched the economies across the world and companies started firing people, things started going downhill for Myrick. He chose to be laid off rather than pivot and work for M&M as a COVID cleaner without Roxy. He returned his company’s vehicle, credit cards and equipment, but held on to Roxy closely.

In June, Myrick received a letter from the company saying that the dog was company’s property and that he must return it at the soonest. But Myrick refused and M&M initiated legal action against him accusing him of stealing the dog.

In August, Myrick spent 15 hours in jail. The company says that it planned to rehire Myrick by June, but he had moved to Philadelphia from Brooklyn.

His lawyer says that when the company left the dog with him in March, no agreement was signed over the custody of the dog. Myrick believes that Roxy’s troubled background makes it difficult for her to develop an affectionate bond with another trainer.

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first published:January 25, 2021, 17:36 IST