US Teacher Delivers Books to Kids Via Drone In Coronavirus Lockdown

Image credits: CNN.

Image credits: CNN.

The schools have started remote learning due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The novel coronavirus has changed the way of life for the majority of the people across the world. Apart from the fear of the virus, the boredom that the lockdown has brought in people’s lives is also quite significant in nature.

In order to help young kids deal with boredom a Virginia-based librarian is helping them by delivering books at their doorstep through a drone.

Kelly Passey was quoted by CBS News saying, "As a school librarian, it is extremely important to me to have connections with my students, so that I can make sure that they have got access to the resources that they need and the resources that will allow them to be successful — not just academically, but also in life.”

She works for the Montgomery County Public Schools. The schools have started remote learning due to the coronavirus, pandemic. As a result it became difficult for her to make these connections. That is when the idea of drone delivery struck her.

She added, "Montgomery County Public Schools will be the first public school system in the world to use Wing to deliver library books to our students. We are thrilled for this opportunity to have a really unique way to deliver resources to our students and do it practically on demand."

For getting a book delivered at their doorstep all that the students need to do is fill an online form, after which the request is taken care by the librarian who packs the book and ensures that the same is delivered as well.

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