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US Woman Attacked and Dragged Underwater in a Gruesome Muskie Attack

Representative Image, Credits: Youtube_ProFishermanJones

Representative Image, Credits: Youtube_ProFishermanJones

Winnipeg resident Kim Driver is healing at home after being left with significant injuries in a rare muskie attack near Minaki last weekend.

The lakes are not always safe for swimming, even in summers. That's what a Canadian woman Kim Driver found to her expense.

Driver was left in complete shock after her recent outing on the beach at North Star Village along the Winnipeg River near Minaki, Ontario. The woman was enjoying her day out when she was suddenly attacked by a muskellunge fish.

Popularly called a muskie, these fishes are known for growing as long as 6 feet long, while possibly weighing more than 50 pounds.

While Kim turned and fought her way out of the water and rushed towards her husband Terry, the incident has left her in panic mode. Revealing the horrible experience to Vice, Terry said, “All of a sudden she just said, ‘Someone’s got my leg,’ and then started screaming and her arms went up, and she went underwater and we all kind of stood there in complete disbelief and didn’t know what was going on.”

The giant fish succeeded in pulling out a chunk of flesh from Kim’s calf, running from her ankle to knee. The couple was helped by other people present in the vicinity. “I looked down and I saw the fish’s head, which looked like an alligator, and it just grabbed it and it moved me from side to side, and then it pulled me under,” Kim recalled to Global News.

The couple now plans to seek revenge. They will be back in the waters this weekend and will lure the muskie to avenge the attack.

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