US Youth Pretends to be Airport Staff to Sneak into Germany to Meet Girlfriend amid Lockdown

Labour of love | Image for representation | credit: Reuters

Labour of love | Image for representation | credit: Reuters

The US national was caught after an alert airport employee noted he had no ID and did not speak German.

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  • Last Updated: May 13, 2020, 12:28 PM IST
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Even as international borders across the world remain restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic, a young man from the United States tried to sneak into Germany by posing as a janitor. The reason? He had to meet his girlfriend.

The incident occurred on Sunday when a 20-year-old flew into Frankfurt airport in Germany to meet his girlfriend.

While Germany has maintained air traffic with the US amid the pandemic, US nationals are not allowed to enter Germany under current travel restrictions, DW reported.

In a ploy to get past the security at the airport, however, the US youth decided to change into a janitor's clothes upon reaching. The plan was to mingle with the airport's security staff and leave.

Much like in films, the man put on a janitor's jacket, picked up two cans of trash and proceeded to move toward the checkpoint.

The filmy plan might have worked as well, had it not been for the shrewd airport staff who instantly smelled a rat. A woman working as staff noted that the man had no ID on him and also did not speak German. The alert employee quickly informed the police who detained the US national.

Upon questioning, the man revealed that he had indeed tried to enter Germany illegally as he could not find any legal means to enter the country in order to see his girlfriend. As per reports, the man was put on a US-bound flight on Monday and sent back.

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