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Veteran Hong Kong Journalist Comes out as Transgender after Realising Her 'True Identity'

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Last Updated: December 22, 2020, 14:42 IST

Gina Chua after her sex change.
(Credit: Wordpress)

Gina Chua after her sex change. (Credit: Wordpress)

The veteran journalist recently had her sex change and has received immense support from the management team of Thomson Reuters.

A Reuters journalist recently came out as a transgender after being mostly on a “private, internal and exploratory" journey for years.

The former editor-in-chief of the South China Morning Post changed her name from Reginald Chua to Gina Chua.

Announcing her transition through an internal email, the global managing editor of operations at Reuters said, “I’m transgender. And beginning today I’ll be living and presenting as what I know to be my true self 100 per cent of the time," as per a report by Standard.uk.

On a WordPress site, the native journalist from Singapore said that she has been too busy with different kinds of changes, the ones specially about herself.

“I’m transgender, and have as of today, transitioned into what I know to be my true identity. There’s not much else to say, although there’s a bit on the About section," wrote the New York-based journalist.

Reportedly the management of Thomson Reuters has been incredibly supportive towards her sex change and has assured that this wouldn’t affect her work front in any way.

“I’m already more focused now that I’m removing a key distraction from my life. But in most other respects I’ll be doing exactly the same things I was doing before [for better and for worse]," read her email as reported by the Standard.

Chua concluded her revelation by quoting American poet E E Cummings, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are".

The veteran journalist’s career has spun over 30 years following her master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. She worked as a former editor at The Wall Street Journal for 16 years then became the editor-in-chief of South China Morning Post.

Chua (who was then Reginald) has been working with Reuters for over 10 years now.

Announcing the event of her sex change and associate of Reuters tweeted, “Michael Friedenberg, Reuters president, and Steve Adler, Reuters editor-in-cheif, said: This is clearly a very important time in Gina’s life, and we are proud to be allies in the next stage of her journey."

Taking to a subsequent tweet, she added, “Gina is a consummate professional and nothing will change in how she approaches her job, but we should be aware of the part we will all play as her friends and colleagues. - Friedenberg and Adler said."

Chua is the first transgender former local media executive from Hong Kong.

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first published:December 22, 2020, 14:41 IST
last updated:December 22, 2020, 14:42 IST
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