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Video of 'Monster' Sturgeon Fish Lurking in a River is Leaving Netizens in Awe

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Last Updated: April 12, 2022, 18:00 IST

100-Year-Old Sturgeon. (Image Credits: Twitter/@JGnuman197)

100-Year-Old Sturgeon. (Image Credits: Twitter/@JGnuman197)

Sturgeons are also known as a 'living dinosaur' because their oldest fossils date back to the Triassic period

Ever seen a massive freshwater fish. If not, here is a video for you. Uploaded by Twitter user Jamie Gnuman, the video shows a massive fish twirling in water. Dubbed a sturgeon, these species are also known as a ‘living dinosaur’ because their oldest fossils date back to the Triassic period. Also, there has not been any significant change in them since then. “Giant," the person wrote in the caption. The video was shot in a North American river and has left the netizens completely stunned. In the video, the entire length of the fish is hard to notice. This is because it slowly recedes from the viewer. Comments suggest that this is over 100 years of age. “Sturgeon a real life monster fish," wrote a person. Have a look at the video:

Since uploaded, the video has managed to gather 2.5 million views. “Is that a sturgeon? I’ve only seen one in person while fishing for white bass in WI. A boat nearby caught one by accident and obviously let it go, but it looked like a living dinosaur. Creepy and huge!," a person wrote. Another person wrote, “That fish has lived a long, good life, hide that location, sturgeons are on the top ten endangered list, killed because of its caviar."

Sturgeons tend to live longer than 100 years. They weigh several-hundred kgs. A report by Times Now News states that people who go fishing on the Fraser River in Canada’s Alberta have had encounters with this species.


Meanwhile, a man from Lancashire, who was out on a fishing trip along with his captain to catch a shark in Florida, ended up getting an endangered bluefish hooked to his fishing rod. Fisherman Ian Atherton with Captain John, headed out a few miles into the Atlantic Ocean looking for sharks when an unusual sea beast got dangled on his hook, reported LAD Bible. The battle between the fish and the fisherman lasted for nearly an hour until the mighty creature eventually gave up and headed for the surface.

Thinking that they have finally caught a shark, Ian and John took a closer look at the fish only to realise that it was a rare 13-foot-long sawfish. Sawfish are mighty creatures, and as their name suggests they have a saw on their head, which is called a rostrum. It grows to be around five feet long.

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first published:April 12, 2022, 18:00 IST
last updated:April 12, 2022, 18:00 IST