Viral 'Couple Challenge' Trend Sparks Hilarious Memes on Twitter

Couple challenge meme.
(Credit: Twitter)

Couple challenge meme. (Credit: Twitter)

The latest trend includes people sharing memes and funny photos in response to a variety of #CoupleChallenges.

Social media is home to umpteen random, bizarre and absurd challenges. These challenges can range from the extremely common blanket challenge to making Dalagona coffee to doodle challenges to many others.

Recently, another random challenge has cropped up on the internet. This challenge is called the couple challenge, as a part of this challenge people are sharing images with their partners, doing tasks with partners among others. But the catch here is the trend that has followed after the challenge went viral. The latest trend includes people sharing memes and funny photos in response to a variety of couple challenges.

In fact, Nagpur police too have taken a part in this trend. Calling the relation between a man and face mask as the best couple, the department shared a witty video on social media.

Many people have reacted to the department’s tweet with some funny memes and reactions. Take a look at the same:

One person has shared a still of a video call in which the mic and the camera are both off. Sharing the screenshot the person referred to this as the best couple in town.

Another person stretched his creativity a bit too far after he shared a snap of a cart of onions with potatoes. It actually is quite mind-blowing how the person has captioned the same as “The best #couplechallenge ever.”

Many other people have also taken this opportunity to share memes as to how they find the couple challenge funny. Some have also shared how singles are like when they see posts of the couple challenge. Have a look at some of the reactions:

As a part of the latest trend on social media, a man from Uttar Pradesh shared his ‘couple challenge’ post online. He manipulated his post on Twitter by including Hollywood actress Alexandra Daddario.

The special edit of Daddario in the middle of a paddy field got the attention from none other but the actress herself. The American actress left the man in an utterly starstruck state by replying to his tag she received on social media. After she came across the picture, the 34-year-old retweeted it saying,” This was such a fun weekend”.

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