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Viral Kerala Girl Who Galloped to Board Exams Reveals Real Reason for Riding a Horse

Krishna said she started learning to ride a horse in  Class 7  and is now a professional ride | Image Credit: ANI

Krishna said she started learning to ride a horse in Class 7 and is now a professional ride | Image Credit: ANI

Thrissur's Krishna said that she did not ride the horse to school everyday but only on special occasions. The last time when she was photographed on it, she had been on her way to her last Board exam.

  • Last Updated: April 11, 2019, 1:05 PM IST
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Remember the Kerala girl who went viral earlier in the week for riding a horse to her board examination? Her dedications and swag impressed netizens around the country and also industrialist Anand Mahindra. But who is this mysterious girl on horseback that is on everyone's newsfeed?

The girl is called Krishna and she is a resident of Thrissur district in Kerala. Her love for riding horses began in class 7 when she took riding and has never left it since. The reason why Krishna chose to ride a horse and not a scooter or car? Because someone told her girls couldn't ride a horse.

According to Krishna, when she was younger, one of her friends had told her that girls could not ride horses. "He said it's only possible for women like Jhansi Ki Rani. So I thought why not a normal girl can ride a horse," the 10th standard student told news agency ANI.

In a video uploaded by the agency on Twitter, the girl can be seen on her white horse, calmly explaining who she is and why she loves horseback riding.

Krishna must probably have heard some of the voices of criticism on social media, slamming her for riding a horse to school on hard, asphalt roads, with many pointing out that repeated practice of the same was not good for the horse's health and could also be detrimental to the girl's safety, what with heavy traffic on roads.

Defending the viral stunt, Krishna explained that it wasn't every day that she rode the horse to school. Only on "special days".

"I do not go daily on horses. Only on some special days, or when I get bored or on some exam days also, I ride on a horse to school. If you ask me what was special on that day that was the last day of my Class 10 board exam, "Krishna told ANI.

The girl's impressive zeal for education impressed many including Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra, who asked netizens to help identify the girl and send him photos of her riding a horse that he could use as a screensaver for his devices.

Mahindra must surely be happy to find out that the girl is dead serious about her education and is indeed galloping her way to a bright future

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