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Viral 'Maggi Milkshake' Has Touch A Raw Nerve Among Internet Foodies

Maggi milkshake (Image: Twitter @mayursejpal)

Maggi milkshake (Image: Twitter @mayursejpal)

This isn't the first time that humans have experimented with Maggi.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic ​forced us to stay at our homes, people have been experimenting with all types of meal combinations that may taste nice but definitely sound strange. Someone on the internet has made a Maggi milkshake that is making foodies go crazy. The image shows soupy Maggi noodles dunked in creamy milk.

The tweet was shared by a user named Mayur Sejpal. The caption reads, “This was shared with me by some idiot. Maggie Milkshake. Jinda pakadnaa hai in banane waalon ko (Whoever had this idea has to be caught alive)." The tweet is being extensively shared, with 240 retweets and 2048 likes thus far.

The netizens have expressed their outrage and disbelief in the comments sections. One person who shared the image remarked, “Maggi milkshake. Every day, we move further away from God’s light.”



Another user responded with a photo, “Gunah Hai Yeh! (This is a crime)." A tweeple wrote, “A cursed image, we are truly monsters."

An irritated user responded with a meme that says, “Garud puran mai iske liye alag saja hai (There is a different punishment for this crime in Garuda Purana)."


This isn’t the first time that people have experimented with Maggi. Previously, a recipe of Maggi laddoo using jaggery and cashew became popular. Maggi Ice-Cream, Maggi Burger, Maggi Crab Curry, and more dishes have also been created in the past. If these combinations sound regular to you, there are some other quirky folks who have added Maggi to pani puri, gulab jamun and many other desserts.

Would you like to try this combination?

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first published:September 14, 2021, 20:13 IST