Photos of a 'Human-Sized' Bat in Philippines Go Viral. But is it Real?

Image credits: Reddit.

Image credits: Reddit.

It’s almost as big as that small motorbike next to it and that’s already way too big.

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An old photo of an almost human-sized bat has resurfaced on the internet and netizens are freaking out.

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, the photo in question is that of a giant golden-crowned flying fox. These types of bats are vegetarians and are said to be surviving on fruits.

This variety of bats are natives of Asian archipelago. What needs to be noted here is even though these bats are bigger in size as compared to the other bats they are certainly nowhere near being human-size. However, their wingspan is quite huge and can be as much as 5 feet.

The reason why the bat looks so huge in the photo is because of the camera trick that the photographer must have used while clicking the snap.

As of now, this photo on Twitter has got more than 1.9 lakh retweets and over 2.7 lakh likes. Captioning the pictures, which have shaken the internet, the user said, “Remember when I told y'all about the Philippines having human-sized bats? Yeah, this was what I was talking about”.

In a subsequent tweet, the said person has also clarified certain things and has also apologised for using the term human-size in the tweet.

In the further thread of tweets, he has also shared some interesting facts about this type of bats and has also regretted that he did not put trigger warning.

Majority of the people, who have reacted to the post, have expressed their fear. A user wrote, “The fact that it’s wingspan is 5.58ft and not it’s height doesn’t make it less terrifying. It’s almost as big as that small motorbike next to it and that’s already way too big. Imagine an angry swarm of those things flying through the capitol attacking.”

Another person said, “this bat is taller than me and I'm both horrified and impressed in equal measure”.

Some other reactions on the similar lines included:

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