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Viral Video Claims All Employees at a McDonald's Outlet in US Quit Mid-shift

Image used for representational purpose. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Image used for representational purpose. (Credit: Shutterstock)

There have been several reports stating how the United States is facing a dearth of employees even after companies are ready to hire them.

A recent TikTok video may give a hint at how people are quitting their jobs due to unfavourable working conditions. According to a report by indy100, TikTok user @zoey.isback uploaded a ten-second video on the social media platform last week that showed employees of a McDonald’s branch in California decided to collectively resign and leave. The video starts with a note reading, “Everyone quit, we are closed.” The camera then pans to the fast-food joint that is empty with no customers or employees insight. The clip also films what appears to be the order screen, before cutting to exterior shots of the restaurant, where people dressed in McDonald’s uniforms can be seen standing outside.

It was shared on YouTube channel doobiedukesims last week after it amassed more than 10 million views on TikTok, according to a report by Newsweek. However, contrary to the belief that the workers may have quit due to low wages, Zoey, the TikToker who uploaded the video, clarified that the employees did not quit because of the pay. According to indy100, Zoey mentioned that the McDonald’s branch mainly employed teenagers and it was a “terrible workspace.” She further wrote that the higher-ups had trouble helping the staff when they needed them. She also wrote that working at McDonald’s is a “bad job” to start with but that is where most teenagers start for experience so that is where she has also applied to work, the report added.

However, a spokesperson of McDonald’s disputed the claim made by Zoey in her TikTok video and told Newsweek that the events that transpired at the McDonald’s restaurant were ‘misrepresented. The spokesperson added that on June 27, two staff members had resigned after they had previously handed in their two-week notice period. According to McDonald’s, all the other employees are still working with the food chain.


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