Viral Video of a Lifelike Watercolour Leaf Painting Has Left Netizens Amused

Video grab of watercolour leaf painting. 
(Credit: Instagram/ @laburnumsoul)

Video grab of watercolour leaf painting. (Credit: Instagram/ @laburnumsoul)

The watercolour painting of the leaf looks so real that people are amazed at the skills of the painter.

The video of a lifelike painting of a leaf posted on Instagram has been liked by over 3 lakh times.

The watercolour painting looks so real that people are amazed at the skills of the painter.

As per Hindustan Times, the painting has been created by artist Supriti Chauhan. She shares her paintings on the handle Laburnum Soul and often creates lifelike images. The handle has more than 22,000 followers.

The artist also posted a longer version of the creation on the IGTV feature of Instagram. The caption read, “Watercolour Leaf. Here's a little longish peek into how I painted the watercolour leaf.”

She also asked her viewers to tag her handle and use hashtag #PaintWithLS so that she can check out their paintings and share them in her story.

The painting is receiving appreciation from art fans. Many reacted with heart emoji to express their admiration for the wonderful leaf painting. Many people said that they cannot figure out which is the real leaf and which one is the painting of the leaf.

Reacting to the post, a user commented, “Wow you do it so effortlessly.”

On the longer version of the making of this artwork, people posted their queries as well. One person said that the painting is beautiful and he would like to know what paper was used to make it.

Thanking the admirer, Supriti responded to the query saying that the paper is Canson Montval.

Another art enthusiast asked her what kind of brush she was using. In her response, Supriti tagged Daler Rowney, a company which makes art materials, and shared that she used their round number eight brush.

Another person commented, “Poetry in motion ... loved the way you have shot it ...with the effect of sunlight adding to it!”

The reel which was posted on the handle a week ago has garnered around 10.8 million views. Taking inspiration from nature, Laburnum Soul often shares paintings of flowers, leaves and trees.

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