Viral Video Of 'Headless Chicken Sea Monster' Swimming in Sea Has Left People Scared

Viral Video Of 'Headless Chicken Sea Monster' Swimming in Sea Has Left People Scared

What lurks in the depths of the ocean may just be the stuff of your nightmares.

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  • Last Updated: September 12, 2019, 5:15 PM IST
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The ocean has some strange things. What lurks in the deep remains a mystery because a vast majority of the ocean is still unexplored.

A creature from these depths has emerged recently and is taking the Internet for a storm. Refereed to as the 'headless chicken monster', a video of a strange organism in the sea is going viral.

The video is the first ever taken of the creature being captured by a camera in the Southern Ocean. The creature appears to be large and red with no apparent head - therefore, being named as 'headless chicken.'

This 'headless chicken' is actually a deep-sea cucumber known by its scientific name of Enypniasties Eximia. First found in the Gulf of Mexico in 2017, it was only recently filmed in the Southern Ocean by Australian fisheries. A video posted by these researchers, which subsequently went viral shows this strange creature.

Australian researchers had to use special cameras to develop the means to capture this creature on reel. And ofcourse, people cannot stop speculating about it.

Even scientists were pretty confused!

But turns out - this creature may be doing good other than just scaring people on the Internet. There is hope that the pioneering Australian camera technology that captured the rare footage of this organism, Enypniastes eximia, may help the long-running push for the creation of a new Antarctic conservation zone.

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