Viral Video of Tigress Chilling with Cubs at Night in UP's Dudhwa Tiger Reserve Stuns Internet

Tigress seen with cubs at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve | Image credit: Twitter

Tigress seen with cubs at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve | Image credit: Twitter

The viral video was shared by an Indian forest officer who described the 'brilliant sight' from UP's Dudhwa on Twitter.

A video of a tigress strolling in Uttar Pradesh's Dudhwa Tiger Reserve with her cubs at night is going viral. The clip of the incident has been shared by Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer Ramesh Pandey on Twitter.

The clip starts with the big cat standing on the side. As the minute and a half video progresses, we see the tigress roaming around in the small area. Soon enough, she is joined by her cubs and all of them are seen loitering around. Eventually, the tigress and cubs walk away from the space and are seen going in deep forests.

Captioning the clip, the official wrote, “Brilliant and beautiful capture of tigress with cubs in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve by Field Director. A worth watch.” Till now the video has been viewed by more than 28 thousand times on Twitter alone.

Another Indian Forest Services official Susanta Nanda has also reacted to the post. He has remarked on the sound of camera shutters that is heard in the background of the video. The officer opined that the video would have been much better if the sound of the camera wasn’t heard in the clip. He wrote, “Rewards of Forest Service. Would have been more rewarding to all of us without the sound of the camera.”

A user who commented on the video mentioned about the tigress and her cubs’ safety. She wrote, “My goodness. Stunningly beautiful. And so many cubs. She is a very clever mother. I hope they are all safe there, but if not please don’t tell me as I feel physical and mental pain at cruelty to animals, the destruction of their habitats and of the planet itself.”

Another user wrote, “Wow! It's heartening to see that she and her cubs are very comfortable with the presence of people. Secured, she walks straight and up close towards the vehicle ... Lucky people.”

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