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Walk Ban? Airlines Ground Comedian Kunal Kamra and Twitter's Imagination Takes Off

(Image credit: Twitter)

(Image credit: Twitter)

A bunch of parody accounts came forward to dismiss Kamra from using their services as well, apparently in a move to mock the airlines' take on the matter.

Shreya Basak
  • Last Updated: January 29, 2020, 6:48 PM IST
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The recent controversy regarding the banning of comedian Kunal Kamra from four domestic airlines has caused a stir on Twitter. While airlines like IndiGo, AirIndia, Spice Jet and Go Air have suspended Kamra's flying rights following his heckling of television journalist Arnab Goswami, a meme fest seems to have taken off on Twitter.

After Kamra was consistently grounded by the airlines 'until further notice', a bunch of parody accounts including fake Uber, Delhi Auto association, All India Panipuri Association accounts among others came forward to dismiss Kamra from using their services with the hashtag #kunalkarma, one if the top trends in Twitter since the incident.

From Wright Brothers to All India Chole Bhature association, every parody account repeated the message of his suspension as given by the airlines, seemingly to make a sarcastic point.

Reacting to the incident, Kamara in a statement said that he only asked the journalist a few polite questions and when the latter refused to answer, he started a monologue to raise his complaints. Kamra also added that he did not regret the incident and would not apologise to Goswami as he was within his right to exercise freedom of speech in doing so.

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