Walter White Fans are Convinced the Fly that Landed on Mike Pence's Head is from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad fly episode / Netflix.

Breaking Bad fly episode / Netflix.

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence met up on Wednesday night for Vice Presidential debate but it was a fly that stole the show.


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"I finally understand the fly episode in breaking bad."

If you have just tuned in and wondering why a fly is buzzing on Twitter, you are in for a treat.

The citizens of America briefly put the elections on hold when Kamala Harris-Mike Pence met up on Wednesday night for Vice Presidential debate.

The two candidates locked horns over Donald Trump, coronavirus vaccine among several other things but a moment that will perhaps go down into the history books was a tiny common housefly gatecrashing the debate and landing on Pence's crisp white hair. Needless to say, the fly stole the show.

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The fly's cameo was an instant hit online and it was the only topic netizens cared about. This was when the drama series Breaking Bad fans arrived on Twitter and were instantly reminded of an episode that is notoriously polarising among critics from an otherwise near-perfect Vince Gilligan creation.

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Yes, we are talking about the tenth episode from Breaking Bad's season three that was aptly called "Fly" -- and it was just about a... fly.

The basic premise of the particular episode revolved around a fly entering the meth lab and Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) growing obsession with it. White wants to kill the fly so as to avoid any contamination in his meth batch. Jesse (Aaron Paul) joins him in his mission and the duo is shown completely invested into it.

That's it. That was the episode. About a fly. A show that was riddled with intense action sequences, plots and subplots, was suddenly focussed on a fly. The "Fly" episode, for its obvious reasons, had the critics divided but equally engrossed in it.

This is exactly what happened on Twitter on Wednesday night when the fly became the sole point of discussion during the Vice Presidential debate as everything else took a back seat.

Guess the US citizens need a Walter White to take care of the fly during their elections, don't they?

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