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'Wanted' Criminal Trolls Police in the US by Commenting on Facebook Post They Made About Him

'Wanted' Criminal Trolls Police in the US by Commenting on Facebook Post They Made About Him

Andrew Akers was wanted by Richland Police in Washington for parole violation. When they posted about the 'wanted' man on Facebook, Akers was the first one to respond.

  • Last Updated: December 8, 2018, 5:42 PM IST
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A wanted man from Washington state made of mockery of the Richland Police Department officers after he responded to their Facebook posts about him. 38-year-old Anthony Akers, who was wanted for violation of parole, made comments several comments over a week on the law enforcement authority's 'wanted' posts about him.

According to a report in NBC, Akers had initially been arrested for possession of a controlled substance but was eventually let go on parole. However, when the man failed to fulfill his court mandated parole duties, Richland PD posted on its official Facebook page about the man. The post included a photograph of Aker announcing him of being a wanted man and that any information regarding him would be vital.

Much to the cops' surprise, Akers was one of the first persons to respond to the the post. "Calm down. I'm going to turn myself in", Akers wrote.

However, the officers did not lose their composure and responded civilly to the comment. "Hey Anthony! We haven't seen you yet," the post read. "Of course if you need a ride you can call non-emergency and we will pick you up," they wrote back.

After this, Akers thanked the officers and said he would drop by the department after he had tied up some 'loose ends' that he had. But later, another comment by him shows that Akers had still not returned and was now promising the police a new date.

"I apologize for standing you up, but let me make it up to you. I will be there no later then lunchtime tomorrow, I know you have no reason to believe me after what i did to you, but I promise that if i don't make it on my own by lunchtime tomorrow I will call for a ride to assist me with my commitment issues," his comment read. True to his typed word, Akers was in police custody the next day.

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 5.24.34 PM

He even uploaded a selfie in the comments section of the post after being taken into custody.

The post has since gone viral on social media.

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